Friday, February 23, 2007

"Pindah Rumah"

Dear All,

I have moved to another level... Wordpress. Pls visit me as usual here:

Once again, thank you all for being here with me and my family; giving comments and well wishes. I have I can blog more smoothly in my new site....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blood Type B+ is required URGENTLY to SAVE LIVES.... pls help spread the news around...

Need help urgently!!!
During this festive season, we are all spending quality time with our beloved ones being family members or friends. Let us all not forget the unfortunate ones too.

Just spoke to a friend and she asked if we good people can help to spread the word around as she has a church friend who needs this blood type urgently....

Therefore, pls do your good deed and if you ever come accross anybody who is willing to donate blood type B+, please do not hesistate to contact myself @

Do you part and save lives....

Thursday, February 15, 2007


This week has been a very busy week for me. I have not:-

1) Really cleaned the house.
2) Washed all the laundries.
3) Ironed the clothes.
4) Bought mandarin oranges.
5) 'Fung lai si'... inserted $$ into its pouch la...
6) Go round and buy goodies for my mom...

The above are only the top priority on my list now... in actual fact, I have lots to be done to welcome the Chinese New Year.... Oh well, I am busy and what the heck; no one visits my home so I can just treat it like a normal public holiday... No mood la this year.

Oscar is now recovering but still refuse to take solids and very moody and drowsy all the time... can simply 'tertidur' anywhere in the house ...... Thank you all for the well wishes...

Will be taking a break (hopefully not for long) and will welcome you all into my new home...hehe (I think some of you already knew about my new home...)

Last but not lease "HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR"..... *oink-oink* (pig sound)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Up-date on Oscar

My dear son has been sick for the past few days. It has already 'pecahkan' the record of 3-days last year!

He lost altogether 4 pounds in 4-days!!! His face is now so small and he feels lighter by the weight now as I carried him to the bedroom a moment ago. He has lost his entire appetite. Even junk food like yogurt or biscuit does not enticed him.

All he does now is just lie down on the couch and fall asleep and woke up and asleep and woke up through out the day. His daily meal consumption is just milk (5oz each time compare to normal 8oz) and plain water. He dont want to eat rice or soup or noodles.

He slept so much, that his back has turned red and there are alot of lines at the back. And because he sleeps on his right side most of the time, his right face has got lines and his right ears turned red and there are skin peeling already.

I used to make noise when Oscar is messing around with my things at home or when he plays his toys (its every where in the house like a war zone!)... these few days, I sort of missed the house being 'messy'. I missed those days when my little boy would use all his mighty strenght to push our lazy chair to the centre of the living room so that he can sit there and enjoy his cartoon while 'ordering' me around, I missed those days when he would call me loudly in our dressing room to ask me to look for him (he likes playing hide and seek but dont know the actual 'rule' or the game) and whenever I opened the fridge, I anticipated that I hear his little feet 'patting' on the floor coming from my back and asked 'Mommy, I want Yakult..' or 'Mommy, one yogurt peas (please)'... but no, he didnt come near to the fridge.. only asked me from the living room what did I took out from the fridge..

Oscar, please be good and take your medicine and please get well soon... If you continue to be ill, then you will not have a chance to parade your new cheongsam (for boy wan la) on the first day of Chinese New Year... Grandpa and Ah Po both are worried sick because of you... Ah Po even offered to let you stay over night till you are better... Daddy did not get a good night sleep for the past few days and daddy is now looking very much like a China Panda Bear (with his big belly protruding out!)... We all love you Oscar...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Longest Night Ever...

I wished that weekday nights were as long as last night so that I can get more sleeps!! But, last night was really a challenge for me and hubby as we both could not get a wink. Oscar was terribly sick even we gave him his medication. His fever subsided but the flu and cough is just unbearable. *Touch Wood* Oscar seldom fall 'this' sick for his entire 3.5 years old life. His common fever come and go within a day and its usually very mild. Oscar will be his usual self running and messing things around. Yesterday evening was really crazy as he refuse to eat or drink. I went berserk last night as hubby got entertaining to do also.

Oscar slept early on the couch last night and when I want to carry him into the room, he refused. So, he slept of the couch almost till midnight.

Me and hubby could not sleep as we took turn to take temperature and feed him water. At about 2am, Oscar woke me up telling me that he is hot. I dozed off a little and I got a shocked to know that my poor boy is really hot on the forehead. Took temperature and it was like 37Deg Cel! Sponged him and he was alright. Couldn't sleep any longer this time. My eyes was like wide opened. At about 3.30am Oscar woke up again and hubby took his temperature and this time was 40Deg Cel!!!! We sponged him and feed him paracetamol and the fever just didnt go off. That's it! Hubby was like as panic as the night I gave birth! Packed our stuff and head to the clinic nearby.

Upon reaching the clinic, the nurse took her own sweet time to register Oscar and hubby was like really mad... told the nurse "Excuse me, hurry up! Emergency here! High fever la... Faster la!" Then when we went to see the doctor, Oscar's temperature went down a bit; 38Deg Cel.. doctor gave suppository immediately.

Upon reaching home, Oscar's temperature was ok but he was having lots of phlegm... little boy could not sleep either. All the ding dong, it was already 6am... we all could not sleep but lie quietly on our bed. Hubby finally got up from bed at 8am and me too.... Can't sleep but Oscar was in lala-land already. Temperature normal.

But, the story doesn't end here. This morning while I was chatting with Sasha and Julian, Oscar cried out loudly and when I went into the room, his temperature was 40Deg Cel again!!! Damn panic as hubby went to work already. Packed my bag again and this time really ready to go hospital... but before leaving, I put suppository again... and I left Oscar alone so that I can go close the windows and turn off the stove... Wow, very quickly I went to pick Oscar up and I felt that his temperature dropped. Took the thermometer to double check and his temperature dropped to 37Deg Cel again he Oscar fell asleep again.(wa must stock suppository liow after this...) So, I didnt bring him to the hospital.

*Phew* This is my biggest challenge as I have not seen Oscar this sick before and knowing the fact that it's me that caused Oscar to be sick, I feel like kicking myself in the arse! I should have left him at my mom's place few days ago when I was sick... sorry boy. I was not fully recovered too so all the up and down and sleepless night, I am having a fever again and coughing again. Shish! So is this the way that I am welcoming Chinese New Year this year?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sick (Part 2)

I was and still sick as at today. Its even worst today as I have had a very high fever... My whole body ache like mad and even a light touch will caused me to shout in pain!

As I was drifting into my sleeps in and out like some sick people in the hospital, my darling has this to tell me:-

Oscar: Mommy, why you sleep? Now not yet dark dark.
Me: Mommy sick la Oscar. Go and play outside with your toys.
Oscar: Wait...(he left the room)
* A minute later he came back with something.
Oscar: Mommy, put this... (he slaps a 'Cool Fever' on my forehead)
Me: Oh, Oscar, this is for you, not for mommy...
Oscar: Oscar so san-yang mommy... I fu (love) you...
Me: *So touched till I cried... cried because in pain also la* I love you too Oscar.

Then my little boy left me alone in the room to sleep and him playing alone outside.

After I woke up, I am still like a zombie. While sitting on the couch, I drifted to sleep again (Damn flu medicine) (at-choo, wanton anybody hehe). Oscar came to me and wants to be hugged. My poor boy, I asked him not to come near me as I was having a terrible flu. Don't know if he understood me and he just left me alone drifting into my lala-land again and again...

"Oscar, mommy promised to make up to you when mommy is better ok..."

Monday, February 05, 2007

Aduh!!! Pain Pain

Aduh! Pain... pain...

Yes, I am sick already and I can't go blog hopping and no weekend up date for you guys. Was not feeling really good in the morning as I woke up from bed but must 'tahan' and drag myself to work... Blueh... the feeling is horrible when I reached office, but as there is a seminar that I am invited to attend, I have to be strong...

Before heading to the seminar, I had to rush to do some errands and was really driving like a mad person on the road cos I was super duper late. Reached the seminar room and was like oooOOOooo late!! But it was a fruitful seminar.

Left the seminar at about 4 plus and head back to office as there are some work which I need to attend to and while driving, I sneezed non stop and my throat was like.... er... there is a sharp cut in it! Could not swallow my saliva also....

When I reached office, quickly made myself a cup of hot tea as my whole body was not well altogether....My whole body was like very cold and very hot at the same time... until goose-bumps also got! Rang hubby up to tell him that and he asked me to go home straight away... how to go la...when I was about to leave, the phone rang.... when I was about to close the door, the phone rang... dingdong dingdong, I left the office at close to 7pm!!! Bbrrrrrrrrr.... cold....

Went to pick Oscar up and head home straight. Had my shower and went out for a quick dinner (lazy to cook and tarak strenght la). Had porridge for dinner and went home straight away...

Now eyes all screwed up but still want to do this post... Ok. zzz time... Want to take a day or two off if this week is not too busy... my body need some time off la cos during weekends, I didnt rest well. Need to be maid to clean house and also part time staff to hubby... sienzzzz.....

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Kena Tagged O-gain...

Haha, got this from Jess and this got postponed for a few days... Busy with some other stuff. Ok, now must sit down and do my homework.

5-Fav Blog I read everyday.

Blog sphere Star : This blog i must visit at least twice a day cos sometimes the writer will have blog diarrhoea so a day might have a few post. I like this blog cos its really funny and her bb really cute one...This blog also teaches us how to cook occasionally haha...

Jazzmint: This is also a must visit blog cos there are two little cute bb whom the elder daughter is a fav for my Oscar.... everytime when Oscar sees me turning on the lappie, he'll ask for this little girl.... hehe... this blog also sometimes tells abt their travelling and when you read also hor... you feel like travelling la...

Angeleyes: There is a sub-blog from here which is like a masak masak blog... haha, must read la cos want to 'curi' some cooking idea la.. The maind blog also nice cos when you see the owner's bb hor... you feel like pinching and bitting the bb's face.... geram-nya! Just joking...

LaundryAmah: Yaya, eventho' I know she is blogging and doing up a post, I still want to read cos she very funny one... and also now she seldom in the office, so less yakking time with me.. reading her blog kind of up-dating myself la.

And all other nice blogs which I cannot do without daily... reading these blogs really make me a happier person and also it widens my circle of friends...

Not tagging anyone cos the last time I tagged ppl on the 70Questions, they are still not recovering from it...

Friday, February 02, 2007

He broke my heart *sob*

Its one of those day which I couldn't understand what my little boy wants. It all begin in the morning when Oscar was weeping when we reached the school. He keep on telling me that he wants daddy to go pick him up later. My answer was yes as our usual arrangement was, if I were to send Oscar in the morning, hubby got to make sure that he fetches Oscar in the afternoon. But today I have decided that I go and pick Oscar up instead after school.

As soon as my little boy sees me coming into the school compound, he straight away flashes his million dollar smile at me and when we got into the car, he was smiling and asking me to take him to the McDonalds. I said no cos we had fast food last week and I usually let Oscar eat fast food only once every two week and if I can avoid, I'll avoid altogether. So, here I went to convince him:-

Oscar: Mommy, take Oscar to eat McDonalds. I want I want...
Me: Oscar, Ah Po (my mom) cooked rice already. So, we have to go home to eat.
Oscar: No No... we eat rice tonight... now eat nuggets, corn.... drink some cold water...
Me: Er Oscar, now hor, the sun very hot la... the McDonalds uncle not open la... so we go tonight with Daddy ok?
Oscar: No!!! Dark dark (night time) only McDonalds uncle not open ma... dark dark uncle sleep ma... now go now got open...
Me: *thinking hard and driving straight to mom's place*

Upon reaching mom's place, Oscar was very un-happy and he said this:

Oscar: Oscar tonight dont want go home. Sleep with PoPo only.
Me: Why? You dont want to go home to sleep with mommy and daddy meh?
Oscar: Oscar dont love mommy anymore.... Oscar dont want mommy anymore....

Upon hearing this, my heart ache the most.... How could a 3.5 yr old boy differentiate between love and hate; like and dislike especially when it comes to unconditional love like mother and son kind of love....Oscar repeatedly told me that he dont want to come home with me but was made to cos my mom got to go out for some errands....

Oscar, mommy love you so so much... be good ok?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Mini Conversation with Oscar (lost count on the number already)

Haha, yes, mommy is getting old Oscar, so mommy actually lost count on the number of these little conversation I had with you.

Last week when mommy went to fetch you from school:
Mommy: Hi Oscar. How was school today?
Oscar: Ok fine thang q.
Mommy: What did you had for your snack today?
Oscar: Hmmm.... soup soup.
Mommy: What soup? Mihun soup?
Oscar: No No, Mr Bean Soup.
* Now, can you readers out there guessed what type of soup Oscar had in school? Yes, he had Red Bean Soup... Not Mr Bean Soup....

This evening before you go to bed
Oscar: Mommy carry you (me)
Mommy: Mommy busy with work la... wait ah.
Oscar: Cannot wait... carry you (me) now.
Mommy: Why so manja one...
Oscar: B'cos my eyes cannot open and my leg cannot walk... I so tired... carry you(me) to bed peeas....(please)

** I Love You Oscar **